From now on, Alarm Summary and Trend Control can have localized menus, buttons and messages. Norwegian happened to be the first non-English language - thanks to our partner company in Norway.

To set Silverlight application culture explicitly, you can create a 'localized' html file (say, '')that hosts your application and add 'culture' and 'UIculture' parameters to the Silverlight object. The following piece of Javascript code shows how to instantiate a Norwegian Silverlight application:

Silverlight.createObject("....xap",parentElement,"myPlugin", {width:'100%', height:'100%', ..., culture:'no', UIculture:'no'},{onError:null, onLoad:null }, null, null);

And this is what Alarm Summary looks like:


Starting from 1.4.3850, there is no more need to edit demo html files to run CSWorks demo application using specific cultures. Use "culture" URL parameter as described in this post.