Some people who are willing to try CSWorks have no possibility or desire to install IIS (Internet Information Services). Starting today, to make their lives a bit easier, we offer a special distribution of CSWorks called "CSWorks Light" that does not require IIS. A couple of highlights:

  • this distribution uses Microsoft Cassini web server - a very simple and limited-functionality, lightweight alternative to IIS;
  • this distribution misses some samples that work with IIS-hosted CSWorks;
  • this distribution should not be used in production environment, it is for demo purposes only.

Cassini-based deployment has the following limitations:

  • it can host only one ASP.NET application per port;
  • it does not support HTTPS;
  • it does not support authentication;
  • it responds only to localhost requests.

Cassini was designed as a simple tool for debugging .NET applications and it is not officially supported by Microsoft (read full story here), so please do not expect stellar performance and production-grade reliability from CSWorks Light.

The link to CSWorks Light download will be provided in the email you will receive after submitting our
download form.