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CSWorks 1.0.3560.0 released

clock October 9, 2009 19:14 by author Sergey Sorokin

What's new:

  • Breaking changes in client framework (PlainDoubleDisplay instead of PlainNumericDisplay)
  • 64-bit OS support
  • Non-English OS Support
  • No more third-party OPC servers in the demo
  • No more emulator service in the demo

Certificate security for WCF over MSMQ communication

clock September 29, 2009 04:52 by author Sergey Sorokin

While working on one of my projects, I had to make WCF run over a farm of load-balanced message queues. After several days of web search, asking questions and coding I have come up with the following "Step-by step guide for setting up certificate security for WCF over MSMQ communication".

The goal is to implement a secured WCF communication based on MSMQ under the following requirements/assumptions/recommendations.

  • All MSMQ traffic must be encrypted and signed.
  • No involvement of Windows Domain security and Active Directory.
  • No code changes required on the client or on the server side.
  • MSMQ version 4.0 (W2K8) is used, but it would be nice to have a solution that works on MSMQ 3.0 (W2K3) as well.
  • There must be a well-established and straightforward routine for setting up secured communication that can be followed during test/staging/production deployment.

The weapon of choice is message-based certificate security. To put it simple, it means two things:


  • all security-related activities happen on WCF level, MSMQ engine works only as a transport;
  • certificate keys are stored on client and server machines.


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CSWorks 1.0.3540.0 released

clock September 14, 2009 05:01 by author Sergey Sorokin

What's new:

  • Breaking changes in DataManager (DataItem collection)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 sample (SOAP Web Service)
  • No more third-party OPC RCWs

CSWorks 1.0.901.0 released

clock September 10, 2009 05:11 by author Sergey Sorokin

What's new:

  • Added LiveData Agent examples (WCF, SOAP, Multiplexor)
  • Added "caseSensitive" setting to OPC LiveData Provider
  • SQL LiveData Provider now supports ODBC data sources

CSWorks 1.0.813.0 released

clock August 19, 2009 03:30 by author Sergey Sorokin

What's new:

  • Fixed a bug in SerializablePairList that messed up template parameter transfer
  • Added SQL LiveData Provider, tested with SQLite and MS SQL Server
  • No more third party TreeView control in alarm summary
  • Added support for integer data items on the client
  • Added support for all major .NET integer data types

CS Works 1.0.801.0 released

clock August 1, 2009 05:43 by author Sergey Sorokin

What's new:

  • Silverlight 3 support
  • Fixed a bug in LiveData Emulator that misinterpreted data writes

CS Works 1.0.720.0 released

clock July 29, 2009 05:36 by author Sergey Sorokin


  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Bugs fixed in multiplexor (livedata/alarm partitioning now works properly)
  • Some additions to expression parser
  • Documentation (Overview, LiveData Server)